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Our Story

Be Stable is a company that was founded to provide behavioral therapy, rehabilitation, rehabilitation and coaching for both humans and horses. We established  great success and are still operating in this field.  The world is changing and with these changes comes the need for more  knowledge  concerning welfare of horses, nature and the world around us.  In 2018 we started Hold Your Horses project to create more awareness about this subject. With online teachings and our education program we wish to contribute even more to this new era, and support all animal lovers, professionals and therapist on their journeys.



Michelle Bannink

It was my dream to  to contribute to the happiness and welfare of others.

  Thanks to Be Stable and the great team I work with I can.

And I am here for it 100%. Rooting for everyone who is willing to be a part of creating a better world for horses and the other beings we share this life with.

Here we facilitate training, workshops, coaching and education programs.



Chevy D

Cherabi d'Ikarios


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