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Slapende honden

Animal communication

Do you want to understand the animals you share life with better? Want to let them know something or support your relationship? then  working with an animal communicator can be a powerful way. We prefer the term interspecies communication.

What is interspecies communication?

The earth and our fellow beings at a basic level all exist out of the same fabric. At a quantum level we are a collections of quanta that come together to form atoms, molecules and different forms of complex beings. We are made out of the same energy and can therefore communicate with all other forms.

How does it work?

All living beings are connected to their energy and quantum fields. By connecting to these fields information can flow freely. During an animal communication session we tune in to this field and work with telepathy. For humans this may sound strange, but it is actually the most normal and common way of communication for animals.  When ever there is a thought or feeling this sends out electric waves with different frequencies. Animals are very open and d connected to these fields and waves.  They instinctively know our thoughts and feelings. Especially the animals we live with are always able to come to comfort us when ever we experience a rough day.  For most humans this connection comes less natural in these times. Because there are limiting believes and systemic paradigms that cause us to focus more on spoken words or human interactions.  The animals  we live with already adjust to our level of communication. Dogs started to use bark sounds when they realized humans use a lot of vocal sounds to communicate. Horses tend to come up to us to enter more physical ways to connect with humans, while they know humans are focused on physical connection as a way of connection.

Telepathy is direct communication. It's a simple  and direct communication with the animal.


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