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Treatments & Rehabilitation

Balance is needed to create health and wellbeing.  And especially this balance is hard to achieve for animals in this modern day society.  The habitats, environment and breeding already make it difficult for animals, let alone the emotional and mental challenges. Therefore we work with a holistic approach to restore the balance in the systems. We offer unwinding treatments and rehabilitation programs for horses, dogs and  other animals.  


  "  We work with different treatment techniques, but we reach especially  for the  deeper layers and roots.  A lot of  injuries are rooted in other areas such as the emotional or mental body."


We work with the physical body as basis it is the vessel of all the other systems and bodies. From the physical body  we can reach the mental, emotional, energetic and astral bodies of the horse. The treatment techniques support healing processes in the bio mechanical system, mental and emotional processing of stimuli (trauma processing), help to recognize blockages, (think of reducing and recognizing the most common behavioral blockages and their origin) and supporting the natural and self- regulating flow through the horse's systems. during the  treatment we guide all bodies of the horse to relaxation in a clear and practical way. During the treatments the autonomy and consent of the horse will be our number one priority.  

What can you expect?  

- A physical examination and Unwinding treatment"

- A basic energy reading 

- A basic energy healing

- Home work and exercises to practice  

What is energy healing?

During an energy healing we connect to the energetic field activating and stimulating the natural regenerative abilities of the systems and cells of the body.

Flower remedies & essential oils  

In some cases we use additional therapy with flower remedies or etheric oils to support, raise and balance the frequencies in the energy field.

The investment for an intake session is 295.-  ex. travel allowance.

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