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Behavioural therapy

& training 

All behaviour is an expression of the inner world. Therefore we seldom choose training as a tool in behavioural therapy.  When we truly want to change behaviour or help an animal we need to find the root and the message behind the behaviour. We will work with training techniques in situation concerning the safety of the animal or beings around them or as a temporary relieve of pain or stress.

- For medical exams ar reasons

- Transport

- In case of direct danger or risk

- When training supports the recovery of  physical or emotional trauma 


Just like all living beings animals have ancestral lines, wisdom and trauma. The roots of behaviour sometimes even starts when they are conceived without consent or born in to lines of disconnected families. The beauty of nature is that most animals are able to adapt and find their place on earth and a way to cope with the situation or create a new balance and state of happiness.

But for animals face so many different obstacles. Being separated from their mothers, transferred to different habitats and most of the time coping with situations that are not ideal for their basic needs. All animals are born into a systemic label we call the animal-kingdom. And with that they are sentenced to a life with less recognition for their needs, emotions and desires.

We always work with an intake session. Before the intake you will receive a questionnaire. During this intake session you can expect:

- A physical examination 

- A basic relational reading 

- A basic treatment session

- Home work and exercises to practice 


In most cases the intake will last 1,5 hr.  We advise to bring other caretakers or beings that interact with the horse or other animal. 

In most cases an intake is enough to cause a drastic change in behaviour or to restore connections and balance in relations. There are cases where severe traumatic events or impacts ask for a more gradient approach. In these cases we can choose to work with 1 or 2 shorter sessions. 

The investment for an intake session is 295.-  ex. travel allowance.

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