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Behavioral therapy

& training 

 Behavior is an expression of the inner world. That is why we rarely opt for training as an aid in (behavioural) therapy. If we really want to change behavior or help an animal, we need to find the root and message behind the behavior. We will only work with training techniques in situations related to the safety of the animal or beings around them or as temporary relief from pain or stress.


With this you can think of:

- Medical researches 

- Transport

- In case of immediate danger or risk

- When training supports recovery from physical or emotional trauma


The beauty of nature is that most animals can adapt and find their place on Earth and find a way to deal with less ideal situations as well.  This does not alter the fact that the roots of behavior are always  back  to find  are in not (fully) fulfilling the basic and individual needs.  Our work is to offer care, expertise and handles so that a new balance can be achieved  originate. With this we have been taking care of for more than ten years  healthy and happy people and horses!

We always work with an intake interview. You will receive a questionnaire prior to the intake. During this intake interview you can expect:

- A physical examination

- An elementary relational reading

- A basic treatment session

- Home work and exercises to practice


In most cases the intake will take 1.5 hours. We recommend bringing other caretakers or creatures who will interact with the horse or other animal.


In most cases, an intake is sufficient to​​ to bring about drastic behavioral change or to restore connections and balance in relationships. There are cases where severe traumatic events or impact call for a​​ more gradual approach. In these cases we can choose to work with 1 or 2 shorter sessions.

The investment for an intake interview is 295,- ex. travel allowance.

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