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Horse whispering & animal communication

During these lessons the children learn to communicate with the horses. The term horse whispering originated because there are people who can speak inaudibly with animals and the world around them. That sounds very exciting but horses do this all day long and it is normal for them! And the fun is  that anyone can do it!

Animals communicate through their body language, energy and telepathy. This is very natural and inextricably linked to their lives.  This is actually quite natural for children.  That is why the horse whispering lessons are often very logical for them and above all a lot of fun! The lessons are built up in a playful way and we work  with visualisations, fantasy and making drawings. Although it sounds like a big game, it is about a deep connection with nature and because of this children automatically get a feeling for the power of nature and their own nature.  In addition, there is a natural interaction between the children and horses, where, in addition to a friendly chat, they can also ask the horses for help or advice if they need it. In our herd of horses, someone is always willing to stick out a helping face!

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