For horses and other animals

Sharing your life with animals or even living together with them can mean a road full of challenges. Everyone wishes for  health, love, freedom and a harmonious companionship with the animals they share their lives with. Because our society, systems and daily lives are not completely compatible with the needs of these animals we offer guidance and several specialised treatements for all animals! 


Behavioural therapy & training

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treatments & revalidation

animal communication


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If you are not able to attend a course or seminar it is possible to acces and replay it on this site.

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For our bigger programs you can try an introduction class. This way you can put together your perfect education program.

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We offer a variety in teachings. The teachings will become accessible after the live courses. Do you have questions about specific or specialized subjects? Sent us an request an we may add it to our program.

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It is possible to pay per class or purchase a full course. 


Beside our teachings we are also proud presenters of Hold Your Horses project. This project is all about raising awareness about animal welfare and healing.

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