Trailer training 

Being able to safely travel with the trailer is a must when you share your life with horses. While it is suppose to make your lives together easier and more flexible this is not the case for a lot of horses and humans! We offer great expertise and experience when it comes to support horses and their humans in this area. In most cases we will only need one appointment to get you ready for the road!

We strongly believe in the autonomy and choices of horses. Therefore we are not inclined to work with the regular training techniques and vision. Whit young horses we will use a combination of preparing the horse for the trailer with little steps, and soft training techniques to support te proces. When it comes to horses with traumatic experiences with trailers we will work with training techniques that are compatible with proces of the horse. Our training techniques are only used to support a positive experience with the trailer and to restore trust. The trailer needs to become a save and fun place for the horse, because only the horses can choose to let go of the old experience and make room for a new one!

How does it work?

-We work on location.

- You need a approved trailer

- A driver 

- Two assistants who are willing to join the training 



We will not only work and train with the horse. We will also work and train you and your team. When it comes to horses who are traumatized with or around the trailer it is possible that you need to reassure or support the horse when you visit different places with different triggers. With your trained team you can ALWAYS help the horse to remember the training and travel together safely.

A trainingsession can last from 1 hour till 3 hours. With younger horses it is also possible to work with two smaller sessions because they sometimes need more integration time. In most cases we will finish the proces in 1 session!


This is in the case of horses with traumatic experiences the most friendly and clean approach because we will follow the time and path they need during the training, while at the same time using a optimized training curve to help them let go of the old stress and pain in a short period of time. When it comes to severe traumatic experiences like,  trailer accidents or horses that will lay down before or in the trailer we use shorter sessions in one or two days.  Because the imprint on the cognitive system may need some time to regulate and process the new experience.

The investment for a session is between 150.-  &  234.-

When a second session is needed the investment is 50.-