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Working with horses 

During the cooperation with horses lessons, the children learn everything that is important to better understand, care for, groom and walk horses. During these lessons the children learn about the natural behavior of horses and especially how this can be seen in everyday situations.

During the first lessons, the children also learn a lot about themselves. Every child who comes to the horses is looking for something different in being with horses.  During these lessons they explore and work together with the horses! This brings all kinds of new situations that every child deals with differently. For example: How do you actually solve it if you want to go left and the horse doesn't?  

Because the children learn more about the horses, they automatically learn more about themselves and the world around them. The herd where the horses now live together is a safe and stable herd. As a result, many children also find peace, self-confidence and time here to express themselves in a different way!

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