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coaching & therapy

At Be Stable kids we know that children have their own strength, wisdom and way of seeing.

As the next generation, they are literally ahead of all of us and coming into the world in a new stream of information than the information that was available to their predecessors.


That is why we work with the following principle:

As adults, the job is to support children to connect with their own compass and strength. To offer security, love and support and to guide with the knowledge and skills that support the development and ability of the child.

During the horse sessions we are always there to monitor safety and to investigate together with the child what works well for the child!

We understand that children often have a deep connection with nature and the world around them, and that they have access to the world that comes after us. A world that requires completely different people, insights and qualities, which are perhaps not (or not yet) available to the adults of today.

Compiling a coaching or therapy package is of course tailor-made.

Of course we want to be able to advise you in this as well as possible; contact us for more information.

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