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freedom dressage 

Come see that, come see that: the bow, the spanish step and the kiss. Wow the best of everything comes together during freedom dressage. The horses move in  freedom and can choose to participate in all kinds of fun exercises and arts.  And everything is good for their body too!

  It always looks beautiful, the horses stand with their front legs on the block, kick the giant football or show their best tricks! All exercises that you do together with the horses during freedom dressage are great fun for the horses because they can use their head and body in a playful way. In addition, the children learn the beginning of positive training.  Magic is created during the positive and motivating cooperation in freedom dressage. The most important questions that arise during freedom dressage are: Why and how does a horse actually learn? 

How do you achieve goals? And how do you ensure that this is also fantastic to do together?

During these lessons the children learn to look and speak in a positive way. As a result, they automatically include this in their gaze and voice to themselves. In addition, it feels great to shine with your best horse friends during your own show!


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