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Mini days 

Specially for  We organize the mini days for minis aged 3 and 4 years.  

  In a playful way, the children learn more about being together with horses, the natural behavior of horses and we play many fun games.

We start the day with lessons about the natural behavior of horses and what horses need to be happy and feel free. Depending on the little ones, we do a number of exercises and talk about horses and horse language.

"We teach the children to work with the horses from their hearts and the sunshine in their stomachs."


Horses communicate through body language, we practice with this in a playful way. Then we start brushing and getting to know the horses. We then have a short break with some lemonade and fruit. After the break we have a different activity every day. One day we braid the horses and sprinkle them with glitter and love wishes that we make with flowers in their hair, the next we paint the horses (with a mixture of chalk) with beautiful symbols to thank them, sometimes when it's warm is we make a big horse wash!


Love for horses also includes care, what do horses actually eat, what happens to all the poop? In addition, we think it is important that the horses feel good, which of course also includes horse gym, horse yoga, horse massage or a particularly nice-smelling oil.


Many of the activities depend on the horses and what they feel like. A mini-day has not been successful for us if it has not been a happy loving day for the horses. This means that the program differs from day to day, making it extra fun for the children who participate in several pony-activities!

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