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Meditation with Horses

A herd of horses is very special, they take care of each other and create safety together. When we sit, walk or find a nice place to sit close to the herd, we can enjoy the silence and magic of the herd!

There will be different types of meditations, for example, we have a silent meditation where we walk through the herd and find our own place to let us take in the energy of the horses, but also meditations to deepen your contact with horses, or to just to relax. We organize meditations for all age groups.


Being with horses is healing and brings you back to the moment.


Especially for children who are sensitive, worry quickly or cannot sleep well, it is very nice to learn how to relax their body and mind through mediation with horses.


Children are so sensitive and open that the horses immediately absorb them into the herd and the healing energy of the group.

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