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Riding on

a horse ?

In the past it seemed very normal to ride a horse. And still there are many places where people can go to get on a horse. That is why it sometimes takes some getting used to for people when they learn why we don't give driving lessons. And we are always happy to explain that!


Riding stables are places where people can come to practice “equestrian sport” or horseback riding. So this is mainly about happy people. At Be Stable we want to teach real horse madmen everything about happy and healthy horses!

Did you know...


  Is horse riding harmful to the body and especially the back of the horse?  You can hurt a horse and damage the back muscles after just fifteen minutes of sitting on a horse.

  Because horses are flight animals, do they almost never show pain?  As a result, they can still look very happy.


  Do horses also form friendships and bonds with people? That is why it is important if you want to be together with horses, that you get to know and understand each other.


  Are horses very forgiving?  You may have heard that a horse will not cooperate or that a horse is trying to say “no”. Horses are herd animals and from their nature always do everything they can to be together and to work together with people . That is why it is very important to learn to understand the language of horses.

  Horses are super sensitive?  They can feel not only their own body but also their environment and sometimes an entire area.


  The behavior that the horse shows is actually a kind of map?  By better understanding the behavior you can get to know and understand your horse better. And find the best way together!


  Horses belong to a family just like people and have to go outside together  play and run?  That is why our herd lives together on an estate where they have enough space.


  Just like humans, horses are in charge of their own bodies and perceptions?  And there are few horses that really want to carry someone on their own.  


  Don't think all horses are stupid to ride together?

There are horses that love adventure and the woods.  And running alongside your horse through the dunes can be incredibly challenging.  But riding a horse requires a lot of gymnastics and yoga to keep the bodies strong and supple. In addition, it is important that the horse has time to recover and a special osteopath is often available. That is someone who can treat the horse's body.


The classes at Be Stable kids are for real horse lovers who love happy and healthy horses and who want to learn all about these magical animals and enjoy the  being with horses, who are only too happy to share their happiness and love with children.  

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