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Groundwork & working in freedom

During these lessons the children learn to work with the horses in a very special way! During groundwork you do various exercises in the arena with the horse on a long leash. You can think of a course with pawns that you walk through together, working on the lunge line or dancing together. During the lessons in freedom, the horse is, as we say, "completely naked" without a halter or leash. During these lessons the children learn to work with their body language and energy.  

Groundwork and working in freedom are incredibly powerful for the bond between child and horse as well as for the child with himself.  

Because the children learn more about the horses, they automatically learn more about themselves and the world around them. The herd where the horses now live together is a safe and stable herd. As a result, many children also find peace, self-confidence and time here to express themselves in a different way!

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