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Equine therapy and coaching

Horses are highly sensitive beings and live together in a herd. The wellbeing and health of the herd is directly connected to the wellbeing of the individual horse. Therefore horses are, just like humans relational dependent and will always work towards balance.  

The horses that are present during sessions live together in a herd and we make sure they experience safety, freedom, autonomy and have the ability to move freely. Besides this we offer the horses daily yoga and stretching practices to take care of their bodies and all horses have a special person who is there a few times a week to make sure they all have their meets met. When we start the sessions the horse(s) that is willing to participate will make this known and we can enjoy the beauty and power of this session together.  ​Sessions with horses are incredibly powerful and transformative.

What are the benefits of sessions with horses?

🔹It broadens the insight into the movements and behavioral patterns in your life

🔸 Deepens contact with yourself and others

🔹You get practical exercises and handles to support yourself

🔸You experience more connection with your body, emotions and potential

We work with your personal themes and needs and create space to restore trust, to let go of what no longer works for you and to attract new situations that suit you more!

Themes that show up during sessions:

🔸Reclaim and own your place

🔹Setting Boundaries


🔹High Sensitivity

🔸Body Awareness

🔹Grounding and Centering 



🔸Letting go




🔸Personal sound, color, life path


🔸Inner child work

🔹(Self) Love

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