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Trailer training 

Being able to travel safely with the trailer is a must if you share your life with horses. While it should make your life together easier and more flexible, this is still not always the case for many horses and people! We wish everyone to be able to travel safely and relaxed. And the best thing is that  In most cases we only need one appointment to take care of this.

We strongly believe in the autonomy and choices of horses. This is particularly useful for trailer loading. Because if your horse chooses to load itself, you don't have to do anything for it! It strengthens both the horse's and the human's confidence. We often see that restoring trust also strengthens the bond between man and horse.

How does it work?

-We work on location. ( Naturally )

- You need an approved trailer

- A vehicle that is allowed to pull trailer with horse

- A driver

- Two assistants who want to follow the training



Because the main thing is that you can always go out with the horse yourself, we also train you and your team.  

  When it comes to horses that  trauma  with or around the trailer, it may be that you come across a trigger just on the other side of the Netherlands or at a special time where  the horse can use reassurance or support. With your trained team you can ALWAYS help the horse to remember the training and travel safely together.  

A training session can last from 1 hour to 3 hours. With younger horses it is also possible to work with two smaller sessions because they sometimes need more integration time. In most cases we complete the process in 1 session!


In the case of horses with traumatic experiences, this is the most kind and clean approach because we follow the time and path they need during training, while at the same time using an optimized training curve to help them release the old stress and pain in a short time. When it comes to serious traumatic experiences such as trailer accidents or horses lying in front of or in the trailer, we use shorter sessions in one or two days. Because the imprint on the cognitive system takes some time to regulate and process the new experience.

The investment for a session is between 150,-  &  234,- 

When a return session is required,​​ the investment 50,-  

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