Education program Horse guide
start may 2022

This three year education program is unique. It is the first horse-oriented program where you learn to guide horses and people in the field of behavior, coaching, treatments, health and well-being. During the education program you will receive both theory and practical lessons from experts and guest lecturers and there is room to practice under supervision.


Mission and vision

In the world we live in, our connection to nature is essential. As a guide you accompany the horses and people on their path. You understand the strength and wholeness of every individual system. You guide both horses and people in a skillful and safe way to restore their own balance. Physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically.

Wilde paarden
Duinen en zee

" Knowledge and skills are not enough in this time of change. We offer guidance to open up and develop yourself as a guide on a deeper level. "

intro evenings 

3 januari 

19.00 - 20.30

Breestraat 56, Beverwijk



Michelle Bannink 

Behavioral expert, holistic practitioner,  coach and counselor


Esther van Neste 

Vet, holistic practitioner, dentist, osteopathy, chiropractor, craniosacral, acupuncture/dry needling


Bouke Wolters

Haptotherapist and practitioner ​